Birdie Chic • Chambray Floral

I know that it is getting colder, but I would still wear this outfit in the fall.  I would add some opaque tights and some booties to make this work.

For this outfit, I was motivated by Mimi Ikon’s video.  I loved the options that Mimi Ikon’s styling for a chambray top.

Top: Old Navy // Skirt: New York & Company // Shoes: J. Crew // Necklace: J. Crew

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I had no idea what was going on that day, but I got TONS of compliments.  Whether it was my hair – which I thought looked a hot mess – or my sweatshirt, everyone seemed to like the look I was going for.  That definitely made me happy because I didn’t know want to get out of bed or go to work at all!  Definitely one of those days!

Chic Tip: If you are wearing something looser fit, for example my sweatshirt, wear something more tailored on bottom.  It will still give you the appearance of a shape! (:

Top: J. Crew Sweatshirt // Pants: J. Crew Minnie Pants // Shoes: J. Crew Emma Ballet Flat // Sunnies: The Limited Classic Icon Sunglasses

Check back every Friday to see what outfit I come up with next! :) More Birdie Chic posts!

September Fitness Update

Get Up


I am not going to lie. This months has been rough. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve lost a lot of motivation. Maybe my recent Vegas trip didn’t help in my motivation.

I have been doing Zumba and that is a lot of fun. I mean, zumba is always a lot of fun. But since I recently got out of a sew-in, I have been less likely to work out. It could be that I don’t want to sweat out my hair since I straighten it, but I still need to figure out a way to work out. Lately I have been watching natural hair videos on YouTube and they have been a great inspiration. I would like to see more videos on how women of color or women with kinky hair work out and still maintain beautiful hairstyles.

All in all, I didn’t work out that much.

Eat UP

I have not been eating very well in August and the beginning of September. Going to Vegas and eating all buffet style food didn’t necessarily help.

Calories Consumed: I don’t want to know!

It’s not about dieting, it’s about having a healthy lifestyle.  This lifestyle is definitely a journey more than a destination.  Check out my other fitness update posts!

Birdie Chic • All White Everything

I hate being confined to rules!  I love white!  I like the way it looks – it makes everything appear to be cleaner than it actually is, right?

I did wear this on a summer day, but I would totally rock this during the fall too!  I really liked how everything came together.  My Banana Republic ballet flats are a nice pop of color!

Blazer: J. Crew  // Top: J. Crew (similar) // Pants: J. Crew (similar) // Ballet Flats: Banana Republic

Would you wear white in the fall?

Check back every Friday to see what outfit I come up with next! :) More Birdie Chic posts!

Cheap Bachelorette Party Ideas | nessabirdie ♡

I have been to my fair share of bachelorette parties.  I wanted to share with you, future brides, bridesmaids, maids of honor, etc., that you can still have fun with a bachelorette party without breaking the bank!

The last bachelorette party was my BFF’s Bachelorette Party a year or so ago!

I hope this gives people helpful tips when planning the last single night for the bride!