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I’m Thankful for Shakespeare!!!!

Shakespeare Obsession Week Begins!
So I have been working really hard in my Shakespeare: Text and Theory class!  Because I feel like I am in a relationship with Shakespeare, I have dedicated this week to him!  
Snuggling up to my bff, Shakespeare, for night number 2!  Got... on Twitpic 
Isn’t he dreamy?!
It’s because of this class I get to go to London in March!  Excitement!  :)
So I am going to get ready for my presentation on Language in Shakespeare’s Late Romantic Plays … good times! :)

blogs-day: keiko lynn

Absolutely love this blog, keiko lynn! It’s definitely a must read! it’s my birthday, too!
Keiko reminds me of the young Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl (before the raccoon eyes)! She is a 26-year-old Brooklyn-ite with the gift of designing and making her own clothes! Doesn’t get much better than that! i wear my garment so it shows
She is so pretty; I don’t even know how she comes up with these combinations!
Currently she has a $100 giveaway with my new obsession, LuLu’s.
Check her out: