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My parents had this lying around in the basement.  Just chilling … nothing special.

Except that is special!  The most special thing EVER!  It’s super heavy though … I LOVE IT!  Some of the keys stick but it’s not a problem.

I looked it up and some people are paying top dollar for this sucker and others like it!

My favorite bloggers, like Jessica of The Lovely Side, and my favorite YouTubers, like Claire Marshall, all have decorated their apartment with sophistication of a typewriter.

I feel slightly cooler because I didn’t have to go far! *jk

Between this and my record player, I feel like my apartment is the perfect mix of modern technology and throwback style!

Bird’s Eye View | Home Decor Peek + Organization

I am super proud of my apartment.  It isn’t ready for showing just yet, but here are some more pictures!

My bed looks so amazing I wanna get back in it!

I took a personal day off and what did I do?  Clean my apartment!  LOL, hot mess right?  But anyways, it felt great to some organization back in my life! (:

I did a Sneak Peek earlier about my apartment.  It’s turning into a home rather quickly!

Decor | Organization

I have been into organization lately – I am not a super organized person by ANY MEANS, but I love to make sure that everything has a place.  Right now, my apartment is super organized and clean – we will see how long that lasts! :)

But in the mean time, here are some tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way!


Organization and reorganization can definitely cost money.  I always look to buy things on clearance or on sale to help me become more organized.  I also have to think about what I have and what I can actually use.  Organization products only work if you put them to use effectively.

Mason Jars

I had purchased some mason jars awhile back for my juices.  I haven’t gotten to juicing yet, but I have been able to use some of the jars for my cosmetics.  Doing this allows me to categorized certain things, like lip balms together, lip glosses together, mascaras together.

Garment Rack

I miss my garment rack, but I don’t really need to resurrect it.  Ugh, it’s so sad.  It definitely came in handy when I was planning my outfits for the week.  Yes, I plan for the week, including work out clothes.  I am so flipping insane, I know.  But I have realized that I can do this without the garment rack.  I will probably get me some 3M adhesive hooks and hang them behind my door … maybe.  :)

How do you organize?  I have done some organization posts here, here, and here.  Feel free to check them out! :)

Wishlist Wednesday | Updated Home Office

I am in a constant state of wanting and wishing for things. I have a problem! So, to try to curb my impulsive purchases, I am going to share my wishes and wants with you! :)

So … after 2 and a half years, I have the opportunity to start fresh in my apartment.  A completely new slate.  I am a little excited about it; I got it in an unconventional way, but sometimes you have to take the good, the bad, and the hideous.

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{Christmas} Wishlist Wednesday | Home Decor

Christmas is around the corner and like a kid, I want to make sure that I tell Santa what I want.  I want to make sure that he knows what to put under the tree!!

Christmas Wish List Vector Graphic

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